13th February 2019

High-value vehicles – Protect your investment with a CAT 5 tracker

A CAT 5 tracker is the best GPS tracking device on the market to date, certified by the insurance industry, with the most active security features above any other device.

Your high-performance vehicle deserves the finest of protection and what better than one of the most advanced motor security devices on the market currently? Whilst some motor insurers will insure you without such a device present, many will require the installation of a CAT 5 tracker to protect your motor vehicle. If you live in a city or an area with high crime rates, your insurance company will likely insist you have a CAT 5 tracker installed.

How does it work?
A CAT 5 tracker is usually installed by Thatcham Approved Fitters and many insurers will insist that the device is installed by a registered professional. This device uses GPS and GSM to communicate the vehicle’s position throughout Europe.

You will receive two Advanced Driver Recognition (ADR) tags which you will need to keep in your pockets when you intend to use the vehicle. The tracker will then trigger an alert if the vehicle is started, with or without a key, if the car is used by a person not in possession of the ADR tags.

This means that if your vehicle is driven by someone without the ADR tags, your providers will alert you of the activity. If the vehicle hasn’t been stolen and the driver has simply forgotten the tags, no further action will be taken. However, if it has been stolen, the providers actually have the means to immobilise the vehicle, rendering it unusable to the perpetrators. You will have the ability to track it yourself with an app on your phone.

If your vehicle is stolen you will then be required to inform the police, obtain a Crime Reference Number and provide the information to your tracker providers. The average recovery time of a stolen vehicle fitted with a CAT 5 tracker is 34 minutes.

Additional peace of mind
The obvious benefits of this device are that you will be updated on the whereabouts of your vehicle following a theft and your provider will have the means to immobilise it. Yet, this device can also contribute toward ensuring your personal safety.

You may be tempted to keep your car keys close by at all times; indeed some owners have even taken to keeping their car keys in their bedrooms at night so that thieves cannot easily access them should a break-in occur. However, this could put you in a much more dangerous position. It’s safer for everyone in your home to store any keys by the front door so that potential thieves can take them without needing to access any other areas of the house.

The CAT 5 tracker means that even with possession of the keys, the device will still notify your provider should your car be stolen and any thieves will be scuppered as quickly as possible.

Playing thieves at their own game
Due to the presence of GPS tracking devices, thieves are often implementing ‘Pinch and Park’ systems, which means that after they steal a vehicle, they leave it parked in a safe place for several days in case it’s being tracked. This means that there’s a good chance that many high-value car owners who are victim to car theft will get their car back unharmed if they have a reliable tracking device fitted. The Home Office Report investigating this method stated:

“This would suggest that boosting the number of vehicles with tracking devices might reduce the ‘rump’ of more organised vehicle theft that remains.”

Driving down the cost of your insurance
Whilst the installation of these devices is often required for high-value motors, they can serve to bring down the premiums for your insurance as they’re mitigating theft risks.

If you want to discuss insuring your high value vehicle, or wish to know more about how a CAT 5 tracker could affect your premiums, contact the Anami Luxus team. Call us on 020 8294 1040 or email info@anamiagencies.co.uk.